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Essential User Interface Design Tips for Mobile App Developers

Essential User Interface Design Tips for Mobile App DevelopersAt the present time, mobile apps have become the most influential tool for gaining easy access to potential customers all over the world. Whether you are an established web development company or a start-up, you can’t neglect the importance of having an appealing, user-friendly and fully-featured mobile app for your business. In the mobile context, effective user interface (UI) design is a curial element because the small screen and unstable operating environment makes it tougher to operate an app, which good UI design can easily overcome.

The UI tips mentioned in this article will help you harness the potential of mobile apps to effectually engage customers.

Maintain Consistency

Consistency is of great importance in a good UI design. The only way to ensure consistency within your application is to set design standards and then stick to them. For example, if you have placed next and cancel buttons in a particular area of a dialog window, make sure they are placed at the same position across all the screens. It will improve

How to Visualize Your Dreams Using Digital Tools

How to Visualize Your Dreams Using Digital ToolsFirst of all, find images on Google which best reflect your desires and aspirations and place them in a folder. But keeping them just in a folder will do you no good until you visualize them in a proper manner on a daily basis. How do you go about doing that? To learn more, read on.

I would like to give you the following two beautiful digital tips for visualizing your dreams:

  • Creating Your Digital Dream Board

You need to create your digital dream board first. This is how you do it. Place the images in order of your priorities in a MS Word file. Put a label for each image in a text box. For example, if it’s an image for your ideal car, underneath the image, write in a text box, “My Ideal Car”.

After you have neatly put all the images along with the labels on the MS Word page, make sure to fit them all in one page. If needed, shrink the images to smaller sizes, yet clear and visible. You can do that with

Want Your Website In Single Page Layouts?

Want Your Website In Single Page Layouts?

One page or single page layouts are becoming one of the most followed web design trends in modern web design. This kind of web design layout can require endless scrolling within a single page source. Most websites from designers and artists utilize single page layouts for their portfolio sites. However, this design is not really applicable to all kinds of websites. However, a lot of site owners desire the usability, simplicity and the mobility that single page layout designs offer.
As a site owner, you have first to identify your needs as to whether or not a one-page layout will be advantageous to your business and to your website. Since you are planning to exhibit your services and your products and build it within a single page, you need to ask yourself if a single-page design will be able to meet all your requirements for your site. If you are unsure of the answers, then it would be best to weigh the pros and cons of a single page website.
Why It’s Good To Have a Single Page Website
When compared to a multi-page website design, a single page design can provide numerous advantages.

Web Hosting: Portals

Web Hosting: Portals

One lone computer in a business is useful. When that computer is connected to a second computer a small network is developed that allow files and information to be more readily shared. Large companies have hundreds or thousands of computers tied together in a company-wide network that speeds many processes along.

This concept is a microcosm of what it means to develop a network known as the World Wide Web or Internet.

The Internet is a connection of computers linked through servers for the purpose of sharing information, entertainment and ecommerce.

Web hosting is the mechanism whereby you can access a portal to the World Wide Web. When you work with a web host to place your site files on their server you are moving from spectator to player in ecommerce.

This portal is important because it provides a means of interacting with your customers. They can view your site and you can gain access to information about the visitor that may assist you in developing new sales opportunities or introducing them to new products.

This portal is not just a storefront, it effectively becomes your sales force if accepted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies are utilized.

It is also this portal that allows

Web Design The Basics

Web Design The Basics

Visually appealing websites is one of the reasons why online browsers visit. Along with good web content, attractive and well designed websites entice visitors to come over and over again. If your website is for an online business, this could be very beneficial to you as more traffic would mean more potential customers and most importantly this would mean more revenues.

To design a good website you must learn how to use HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and web page editors. These programs are most helpful to web design newbie as these would facilitate the building of the website. Being a novice at web design, free online tutorials would provide you with invaluable help in building your website.

It is a must to have a definite idea on what you would like your website to look. You should choose the right fonts, graphics, and color as well as page layout. You have to bear in mind however that too much of everything could give negative result. In the case of website building, too many graphics and animations will result to the slow loading of the page. Use graphics sparingly and needless to say, use graphics that have relevance to

Web Design – Using The Family Tree

Web Design – Using The Family Tree

When it comes time to work on a web design you should work to develop the site before you actually develop the site. What I mean by that is try to map out what you are wanting in your website and how everything should break down logically.

Think of it like a family tree. Each branch is the father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandma or grandpa in the tree. There is a logical pattern to the tree as it branches from one generation to the next. When you view a family tree it doesn’t take long to figure out where everyone fits in the history of a singular family.

If you take this same idea and begin to work on your website you find the ‘patriarch’ of your website and make it the home page. What does that page look like, what will be most important to the proper functioning of the home page.

Each additional page is another branch in your web design tree. What are the most important ‘next generation’ pages? These should have some of the other vital categories.

You may find that some secondary categories won’t have any branches. They may work all

How Web Design Affects Marketing Efforts

How Web Design Affects Marketing Efforts

Whether or not you admit it, web design definitely affects marketing. A lot of sites in the Internet will tell you that a well-built web site will make your business grow at a very fast rate. The increased traffic to your site will mean better customer engagement and could turn into more conversion. An improved user experience will increase brand awareness and repeat visits.
In fact, companies spend thousands upon thousands of dollars each year just to make their web sites attractive. They even go to the extent of doing research on the possible approaches on presenting their sites. Businesses now see their sites as their virtual business card where they can leave a lasting impression to potential clients that may lead to more sales.
If marketing is the activity which involves promotion of the brand of a product or service then web design is crucial for the online presence. One must understand that a web site is maintained because people tend to get more information about your offerings online. Your potential customers can become aware about your products through traditional advertising but it is your online presence that will give that follow through. The

Web Design Elements You Should Avoid Having on Your Site

Web Design Elements You Should Avoid Having on Your Site

As a web designer, you should design your websites to give your visitors the greatest ease of use, the best impression and most important of all a welcoming experience. It doesn’t matter if you had the greatest product in the whole world — if your website is poorly done you won’t be able to sell even one copy of it because visitors will be driven off your website by the lousy design.

When I’m talking about a “good design”, I’m not only talking about a good graphical design. A professional web design will be able to point out that there are many components which contribute to a good website design — accessibility design, interface or layout design, user experience design and of course the most straightforward, which is graphic design.

Hence, I have highlighted some features of the worst web designs I’ve come across. Hopefully, you will be able to compare that against your own site as a checklist and if anything on your site fits the criteria, you should know it’s high time to take serious action!

1) Background music

Unless you are running a site which promotes a band, a CD or anything

Web Promotion And Web Design Tips For Free

Web Promotion And Web Design Tips For Free

I hope you find this article beneficial and interesting. I am going to explain and give free web design and web promotion tips.

Cheap web design services.

You may think you need to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds to have an internet prescence. Due to the amount of people offering the service of web design, this certianly does not have to be the case. In my opinion you should only have to pay between £50 and £100 to have a website built.

You can find these cheap web design companies by looking on internet auction websites, internet search engines or in the Yellow Pages.

Website promotion free tips.

It is important to most businesses to get as many visitors to their website as possible. You are able to achieve this by trying to obtain a high page rank or PR rating as some call it. In general the higher the page rank you have the more visitors you are likely to get.

To increase this page rank it is important to build up the number of backward links your website has. You can do this by e-mailing other websites preferably in the same business sector as your

Web Design – The Jitterbug Approach

Web Design – The Jitterbug Approach

The term jitterbug brings to mind a specific dance or dancer, but it also brings to mind someone who has a zest for life and enjoys the simple things life has to offer.

There is a new cell phone company that caters to baby boomers who may have a zest for life, but enjoy an acute sense of simplicity.

It may come as no surprise to learn that this company is called Jitterbug. Their cell phones have a simplified approach that makes it easy for the end user. You won’t find a camera; text messaging or email downloads on Jitterbug. In fact, the most simplified model provides three primary buttons. One button provides a direct link to a towing service of your choice while the second calls the operator. The third primary button calls 911 services. This phone is useful in emergency situations.

This company indicates there was significant research that went into the phone and they spent significant time asking questions of those who might use the phone. The end result was a phone that got back to the basics with comfort features and large, backlit buttons for easy viewing. Jitterbug also offers a more conventional cell

Basics Of Lamp Development Are The Backbone Of The World Wide Web

Basics Of Lamp Development Are The Backbone Of The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web has always been an entity that needed a little bit of help in order to run effectively. As long as there has been the Internet, there have been tools to help keep it running well. More times than not, those tools are the ones associated with Linux. Much of web development is based upon the system of LAMP development, which consists of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. This system makes up better than two-thirds of all Internet servers.

In short, LAMP development tools are effective because they offer developers with the ability and freedom to do a lot of different things in website design. Generally, the open source underpinnings of the system of the LAMP tools offer the ability to design websites and databases that are both effective and creative. These tools would be described as being very user-friendly, making them a popular choice of web designers world wide.

LAMP development tools have grown in popularity because of their availability and their adaptability. Both admirable features in a web design tool program, these things offer easy access for web designers. In addition, the LAMP development system

Tips On FrontPage Web Site Hosting For You

Tips On FrontPage Web Site Hosting For You

FrontPage is one of the most common web design software. This software will help you to create small web sites without learning HTML. The only thing you have to do is to design a layout and FrontPage will automatically make the coding for you. After finishing the site, you can instantly transfer the site to a server by clicking the button “Publish site”. However, before publishing a FrontPage site, you need to find FrontPage web site hosting.

First, you should find a server with Microsoft FrontPage, available to potential customers. Depending on the web hosting company, you may find a plan with other scripting languages included, like PHP, CGI and ASP. For some extra money, you may gain access to MySQL or Access databases. In addition, FrontPage web site hosting servers give access to customers to modify their sites with a set of programs that contain many useful tools. With just a few clicks, customers can make changes in all their pages, simultaneously.

FrontPage web site hosting advantages

On FrontPage web site hosting servers you can find thousands of java scripts, images, templates and ready to run solutions. You can add and position images in your