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Essential User Interface Design Tips for Mobile App Developers

Essential User Interface Design Tips for Mobile App DevelopersAt the present time, mobile apps have become the most influential tool for gaining easy access to potential customers all over the world. Whether you are an established web development company or a start-up, you can’t neglect the importance of having an appealing, user-friendly and fully-featured mobile app for your business. In the mobile context, effective user interface (UI) design is a curial element because the small screen and unstable operating environment makes it tougher to operate an app, which good UI design can easily overcome.

The UI tips mentioned in this article will help you harness the potential of mobile apps to effectually engage customers.

Maintain Consistency

Consistency is of great importance in a good UI design. The only way to ensure consistency within your application is to set design standards and then stick to them. For example, if you have placed next and cancel buttons in a particular area of a dialog window, make sure they are placed at the same position across all the screens. It will improve

How to Visualize Your Dreams Using Digital Tools

How to Visualize Your Dreams Using Digital ToolsFirst of all, find images on Google which best reflect your desires and aspirations and place them in a folder. But keeping them just in a folder will do you no good until you visualize them in a proper manner on a daily basis. How do you go about doing that? To learn more, read on.

I would like to give you the following two beautiful digital tips for visualizing your dreams:

  • Creating Your Digital Dream Board

You need to create your digital dream board first. This is how you do it. Place the images in order of your priorities in a MS Word file. Put a label for each image in a text box. For example, if it’s an image for your ideal car, underneath the image, write in a text box, “My Ideal Car”.

After you have neatly put all the images along with the labels on the MS Word page, make sure to fit them all in one page. If needed, shrink the images to smaller sizes, yet clear and visible. You can do that with

Web Design and Hosting in Iran

Web Design and Hosting in Iran

its about 5 years wich RED V’ Design works in iran and tries to improve IT tools here. some of their services for iranian peoples is:

1- design and develope web sites:
For iranian companies and bussines men that wanna improve sell by sale products on the web and internet – starting emarket – or wanna say about their self and publishing their resume on the web.

2- seo – search engine optimization:
search engine like google and other mojor engines have so effect on getting more vistors. red v’ – volghan hosseyni web development office will help you to get more rank and more vitores also. seo free tools also available for free download nad use on his web site.

3- email marketing:
send your advertisement to iranian – millions of iranian peoples for less than 0.01 $ per 10s. Yes its great you can get more than 17% of them will visit your site at last for one time.

4- web hosting:
Our peofessional web servers and cheap price can help you to start your bussines so fast and easy just think about disk space. you will get it in less than 1H.

Web Design For The Computer Illiterate

Web Design For The Computer Illiterate

Well, there is no doubt that the Internet is back and bigger than ever. Everyone is getting in on the action, from businesses to individuals. If you have something to say or a product to advertise, the World Wide Web is the place to do it. The problem is, most people lack the basic skills required to begin their own web page, something that is necessary if you really want maximum exposure for yourself. There are several ways around your computer illiteracy that will help you to begin the web site you have dreamed of launching as a platform for your ideas.

The easiest way to get your web site under way if you are computer illiterate is to hire someone to do the set up for you. Many computer savvy individuals will scoff at this notion, but that is the point- they are computer savvy, and you are not. Time is money, so the odds are that you will actually save money by hiring someone to set up your site for you by cutting out the tremendous amount of time it takes to get all the bugs ironed out of your site and get it

Basic Website Design Service

Basic Website Design Service

There are many people who are interested in having an internet presence, however are looking for a just a cheap basic website. This article describes how to find a very cheap web design company.

There are many people and companies offering a web design service. It should therefore be quite simple to find a very good deal. There is a market for a basic web design service and in my opinion you should be able to obtain a website for under a £100. Please feel free to contact me if you are unable to.

There are various times of the year when web design companies are likely to offer some great deals. This is normally in the summer or at christmas time.

Companies who are just setting out in offering a web design service will often offer very reasonable rates at the outset, basically to build up a portfolio. Once they have established themselves they then tend to increase the amount they charge. Therefore you need to get in quick while they offer a professional service for a very small fee.

A number of years ago, I even heard about one person who for a very short period of time was

Elements of Web 2.0 Graphics

Elements of Web 2.0 Graphics

Web 2.0 has created a revolution on the internet in a
number of ways. There’s the collaboration factor which
enabled people to share information much easier than

Then there’s the factor of bringing the desktop environment
to the internet. But nothing’s more obvious in the Web 2.0
world than the so-called Web 2.0 design.

What makes a Web 2.0 design different from the designs of
the past? Here are some of the elements that set it apart
from everything that has come before it.

1. Rounded boxes

– although this has been used in designs of the past, this
design element wasn’t used extensively until Web 2.0 came.
This helps give a fresh look into websites which used to be
dominated by very professional-looking rectangular boxes.

2. Reflections

– this element aims to give off a 3D look for icons.
However, this is to be used sparingly, only to be used to
give depth to otherwise plain-looking icons.

3. Whitespace

– in web designs of old, having a lot of whitespace was a
no-no. Information was to be packed in as much space as
possible. But not anymore in the Web 2.0 world. Having a
lot of whitespace on a design makes it

Web Hosting: Do You Really Get What You Pay For?

Web Hosting: Do You Really Get What You Pay For?

There is an assumption among business owners that in order to have a quality website you need to follow the old adage, “You get what you pay for.”

The truth is, in web hosting you can pay a significant amount of money and receive poor service. Certainly the reverse is true, but the point is inexpensive doesn’t always mean ‘cheap’ and expensive does not always equate to excellence in web hosting and design.

Many web designers who also provide hosting options may supply a reasonably priced plan for site development, however the plan doesn’t always include the things you may need for your ecommerce store and the add-ons can add up.

There are web hosting/design options that include many of the most used features of ecommerce as part of the bundled price.

Some of the options available include…

* Customer Newsletter System
* Customer/Order Database
* Feedback Forms
* AutoResponders
* PayPal Shopping Cart Tools
* Search Engine Registration
* Full Feature Website Wizard
* Merchant CC ID OAC
* Setup OAC
* Pro Stock Image Library
* Premium Hosting

If you are shopping for a web design and a web host you need to consider

Do Homemade Web Designs Look Too Homemade?

Do Homemade Web Designs Look Too Homemade?

You have something to sell or a message to spread and you want a website. What should you do? Should you pay a lot of money to hire someone to do it for you? Or, should you learn the art of web design yourself. There are pros and cons to both sides of the fence.

The Do It Yourself Web Designer

If you do decide to learn building a website as a do it yourself project, you can save some money and gain some knowledge. Web design programs are out there that are boxed solutions that you can use to create your own brochure-ware type website or to even a robust online store. There are products that you can buy for cheap or on the higher end that can help you manage and create your website. You could even go with an open source platform like OS Commerce. Those with a bit of a technical aptitude might find the process interesting and fun.

The downside to this is that many of these web design software products either are too advanced for the novice user or are too simple and not advanced enough for the purpose you want

How Web Design Plays Into Marketing

How Web Design Plays Into Marketing

As more and more people are getting involved online, it has reshaped how people are being attracted by businesses. The growing popularity of visual elements in websites has pushed the game towards businesses thinking and working how to please the customers’ eyes. At the same time, the growth in the use of mobile internet has shifted the online marketing mantra towards showing the stuff versus telling the story behind it.
The old adage said that a picture is worth a thousand words is true a thousand years ago and is still relevant today. The shift towards visuals represents the importance of design in getting some traction in marketing. This is best seen on the popularity of social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook timeline and the newest kid on the block Pinterest.
As people look more than read, it is important that the design of the web site catches up with the trend. This will boost the chances of the web site to put its message across to its users and ultimately gain traction to convert prospects into sales. The reason we put up web sites is to complement our marketing efforts; it will only

Medical Graphic Design -A Specialty That Covers a Lot of Territory

Medical Graphic Design -A Specialty That Covers a Lot of Territory

You have a new company or new product focused in the medical and health field and you want to do the best possible job of marketing it. How do you do that? You can go the traditional route and find an advertising agency or graphic design firm to assist you with getting your message out. Or, you can find a firm or studio that specializes in medical graphic design. They will have both a depth and breadth of relevant experience that will give you an edge in crafting your message and creating visuals that attract appropriate clients.

What services do I look for?

Medical Illustration. A key component of medical graphic design is medical illustration and the presence of a certified medical illustrator or an illustrator that is a member of the Association of Medical Illustrators. If it’s not online, ask to see their illustration portfolio.

Medical Animation. Telling the story of what your product or service does may require animation – either using Flash for your web site or 3-D Animation. Expertise in on-line rapid downloads, as well as producing CD’s and DVD’s

How To Find The Right Web Design Company For Your Business

How To Find The Right Web Design Company For Your Business

It’s amazing how many people out there are a jack-of-all-trades. I was speaking to someone the other day about their business, and we entered the domain of websites and how to build a successful site. They confidently stated that a ‘friend of theirs’ will help them put their business online as they preferred to go the cheap option at this stage, and that there friend was very talented on the computer. I expect to hear from them in a few months.

Why? Since when was web design so easy that anyone can do it? Why are some people paying tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop their site and others think they can get away with developing a site for a hundred dollars and get similar results? I’ll guarantee you that the major companies who invest time and money into the web are not stupid.

I can usually tell who has a very good chance of making their website a success. They understand that their website is a constant testing ground, trying new headlines, offers and articles, helping their clients to achieve business goals. Or maybe its an internal website